Senior Full Stack Developer

Apr 19, 2022

The business

Driversnote is a product-centric and profitable tech startup based in central Copenhagen. We help more than 1 million users in over 50 countries track their mileage conveniently and accurately in a fully automated manner using our mobile app and, optionally, an iBeacon placed in their car. We are 17 people doing design, product management, mobile and web development, marketing, support and customer success in close collaboration.

The way we work

We use a product development process known as Shape Up, where a few key people take the role as shapers and define projects that can be designed, implemented and released within 6 weeks, known as cycles. For each 6 week cycle, we form new cross-functional teams with designers, developers, marketing and customer support people on them, and we let the teams focus exclusively on finishing their projects within the cycle. Each 6 week cycle is followed by a 2 week cool-down period, where we fix bugs, execute functional projects, evaluate how we did and plan the next cycle.

We’ve learned that people thrive on being able to choose freely when they want to work from the office and when they want to work from home, and after our onboarding period you will also be free to work as you prefer. However, we don’t currently have anyone in fully remote positions and we expect to keep it that way.

The culture

We like to say that our unfair advantage is that we care more than our competition, and our users and customers tend to agree when they review our app, respond to NPS surveys and rate our support. We also care a lot about our employees, and between each cycle the entire company has a Team Health Check together, where we rate and discuss how we work together and thrive in our roles. We have a generous budget set aside for each employee to learn and develop, and we try to do a lot of fun stuff together.

You will be reporting directly to our CTO, Casper Fabricius, who has managed developers at multiple tech startups over the years. Since our process ensures developers are part of different cross-functional teams over time, his relationship with you will usually center on your continued journey into developing your skills in multiple areas and thriving at work.

The tech

Our mobile app is built in React Native with a few native components in Java and Swift mixed in. Our website is a fully fledged SaaS offering that does everything the mobile app does (except actual tracking, of course), plus a lot more: Backend with sync API for the mobile app, admin tool, email campaigns, subscription flow with Stripe integration - the list goes on. 

The web backend is a modular Ruby on Rails application with a PostgreSQL database, Sidekiq with Redis for background jobs and GraphQL API. We split code into engines and gems to ensure a productive and maintainable code base. We run everything on Google Cloud and we deploy every day. The web frontend is built in modern React and Typescript with stringent use of our design library, a set of components developed and evolved in a collaboration between designers and developers.

The role

As a small team maintaining apps across iOS and Android alongside a comprehensive web backend and frontend, we value developers that are capable of and enjoy working on any part of the stack. As our new Senior Full Stack web developer, you will be faced with everything from how to optimize the database and update our APIs to being part of designing and implementing great and beautiful user experiences throughout our product. 

However, the projects on our road map are quite backend heavy, so most of your time will be spent with Rails, RSpec, GraphQL, Sidekiq, PostgreSQL, external APIs and everything else that powers our backend. You will learn to find your way around our 8 year old monolith, and to appreciate our continued efforts into breaking it into self-contained engines for a friendlier developer experience. You will deep dive into our 1 TB database and come up with ideas on how to optimize our entire infrastructure for our substantial and continued growth.


You have at least 3 years of experience with a modern web server stack based on a language such as Ruby, Python, Go or Node.js. You feel at home with the intricacies of relational databases, have a good understanding of git and are familiar with HTML, CSS and Javascript. It would be great if you have experience with RSpec or another testing framework, and a nice bonus if you know about Google Cloud, Stripe, React or Typescript. No matter your experience level, you must be ready to be challenged and prove your ability to build great stuff as part of the recruiting process.

What we offer

At Driversnote you will be part of a team composed of talented people that are fun to be around. You will have ample opportunity to influence decisions at all levels, and we hope we can both teach you something and learn something new from you. We have a spacious office in the friendly startup community of Matrikel 1 in the heart of Copenhagen, where we enjoy a great freshly cooked lunch every day, and networking and partying with other startups when times allow. Since many of us have spouses and kids that we enjoy spending time with, we can honestly say that we offer a healthy work-life balance along with a competitive salary and all the benefits you would expect.

How to apply

If you’re interested in this position, get in touch and tell us why you’re the one for us.

Share your work and share your thoughts. Email us at with the subject “Senior Full Stack Developer”.

For further information, please contact CTO Casper Fabricius at or (+45) 40 50 84 09‬